We are the leading manufacturers of twisted ropes which are mainly made by the printed polyester, plain polyester, laminates, silicon and metallized material which are discarded by the converting and printing units.

These ropes are as strong as the ropes made by p.p and mono filament and also not affected by weather,water,sunlight etc. Compared by rates our ropes are very economic.


  1. In States like Uttar Pradesh, Uttranchal, Punjab, Haryana, Rajesthan and Madhya Pradesh etc these ropes are widely used in bed filling(khhat or chaarpai bharna).
  2. Used by farmers in fencing their fields.
  3. In several places it is also used for climbers plants.
  4. It also used in different households item.

Deals in Multiple Type of Ropes

Waste Panni Baan

Waste Polyester Rope

Polyster Rope

P P Rope

Jute Rope

Fishing Rope